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The Battle between Enkidu and Gilgamesh

— Who is Shamhat? A tool. Let’s forget about her, her life is now as insignificant as it was before. She already led Enkidu to Uruk to defeat Gilgamesh. Who is Enkidu? A tool.

—  But his life will be significant.

— I doubt it. But they now stand opposite one another. Amazed, enraged, thirsty for the blood that will soon be spilled on this square before the city gates.

— Yet there is no blood. Gilgamesh and Enkidu meet. The split soul rejoins. The gentleness of Enkidu soothes the wildness of Gilgamesh, the fury of Gilgamesh eases the yearning of Enkidu.

—  The beginning of good times for the town, the beginning of a marvelous friendship. Who would have suspected it would transpire without a grand spectacle and death by iron.

— But of course, there is death by iron. After all, you can see how the life drains from Shamhat when the thief slashes her throat in seclusion.

— But she is of no importance.

— True.