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The Encounter with Humbaba

— Humbaba cannot believe that Enkidu and Gilgamesh are standing across from him. He can still cope with people, but inside Enkidu still beats an animal heart. So why is he standing against him, why has he forged an alliance with the people?

— Is this why Humbaba hesitates a moment? Is it only a premonition, or in fact is a misplaced step to blame, a bit of wind in the eyes, a wayward ray of sun? It is enough that he now kneels before his triumphant friends, defeated, his head hung low. Gilgamesh will later declare that his crushed opponent thus enabled him to deliver the final blow, the stroke that separates the head from the shoulders.

— He does not know that Humbaba is staring at the ground to keep the victor from seeing the fathomless pain in his eyes.