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Enkidu and Shamhat

— I am now old and rotten like a stump, but how I would grab onto those apples.

— Shut your trap, vile old man. Though I shan’t call you a liar, for I would give gold for those hips. It is true there are no whores more beautiful than those at the Temple of Ishtar. But why does that shepherd guide her into the mountains, why does he leave her in the wood?

— The earth and woman make a man of a man. Enkidu will not be forced to the plow, but Shamhat will surely persuade him to try sowing of a different sort.

— He froze on the spot, staring at her. She denudes herself, they mate, they eat bread, drink beer, she teaches him to be a man.

— Poor fool. No one shall forgive him, though he knows not what he does.