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Enkidu and the Animals

— Look how happy he is. He dashes through the mountains and plains with his animals. He knows not that he will die; he knows not that he will suffer.

— He shall find out, though none ask for such knowledge.

— He drinks water from the spring, he sees himself among the beasts and does not know his face, in the water he only sees the reflections of the animals he loves.

— He loves them, and so he frees them of their snares, and with the snares he sunders the hunters. What be to him a man or a rope? They stand no chance against his might.

— Gilgamesh feels it too, it haunts his dreams, soon it will be at the gates of the city. But the stage must be set for the duel, the clash of such powers must be waged with iron, not by tooth and claw, like hyenas.

— Enkidu must be made into a man.